When I'm not working out, I'm training my clients.

Struggling with your fitness goals, or unsure where to start? Whether you're looking for contest prep, weight loss or just improving your physique, I can help.

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A Little About Me

I am Brooke Walker and I grew up in Lago Vista Texas, where I spent most of my life. I was always the tomboy type and would much rather be outside getting dirty than playing house indoors. I took to football as a child and would always dream about becoming a football player! In fact, my grandmother, Imogene Byrd, talked me into pursuing cheerleading instead! We spent countless hours in the yard learning to tumble! Cheerleading became a major passion of mine growing up and eventually I was given a cheerleading scholarship to a small school in Kansas, but later decided to go an alternate route!

Growing up was a challenge for me. Because I did not always have the best experiences at home, I decided to direct my attention toward sports. If it was competitive and challenging you could always count me in! I became an All-State Power-lifter, All-Region Basketball Player, Varsity Track Member and, of course, Captain of the cheerleading squad.

My experience

Upon graduating high school I pursued a degree in Health and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Central Arkansas. I have always known that I wanted a career within the fitness industry.

Upon graduating and obtaining a Personal Training Certification, I was well on my way to having the career of my dreams! This journey will include my many supporters, sponsors, family, friends, and fans. The best is yet to come!

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